Winter Blues Hack! 10 Ways to Ramp Up Your Mood!

Winters are long in Salt Lake City. The cold, snow, & long nights can really blast your mood.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is sadly real!

Well Now…What really helps the winter blues? Here are 10 items that will help!

#1) Don’t sweat the small stuff.  We really can worry about way too many things. If its NBD (no big deal) then let it go.  Whether your house is spotless doesn’t matter. Neither does doing a perfect job. Don’t sweat it!

#2) Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Too many of us strive for perfection and then totally lose it when we make a mistake. You’re human and are expected to make many, many mistakes. Allow yourself some wiggle room. Perhaps 3 or more mistakes a day. If you make more than 3 then you’re just extra human that day. Live by it!

#3) The glass really IS half (or more!) full! Look for the positive in every thing. Count your blessings. Don’t be a Negative Nellie or a Sad Sam.  Pssst! No one likes to be around Negative Nellie’s or Sad Sam’s!

#4) Getting outside often  It is absolutely critical to get outside to deal with the Winter Blues during February. Research is quite clear that you’ll get a mood boost from sun on your face in February.  Try it! And don’t wait until June to do so.

#5) Put your needs #1!  For women and mom’s in particular, giving all of your energy to your family will simply wear you out. Take care of yourself, first. Get enough sleep, first. Eat well. Exercise. Do it, first! You will then be able to take care of others without being constantly exhausted, frustrated, tired. Fighting the Winter Blues takes effort. Fight it! You’re so very much worth it!

#6) Learn to love yourself! Remember that the second great commandment is to “Love your neighbor as your Self.” Work on it. Learn about it. Do it!  Understand that no one else is going to take care of you as well as you can take care of yourself. Live by it!

#7) Christ as your foundation  Centering your life on Christ will give you a firm foundation. Take care of your spiritual self. Pray often for your well being. Pray for your family. Pray for a positive attitude.

#8) Surround yourself with healthy people  Healthy people surround themselves with healthy people. Conversely, unhealthy people tend to gravitate towards other unhealthy people. If you’re feeling down visit people that will bring you up. Don’t seek out negativity.  Seek positive. Seek healthy. Seek happiness!

#9) Discover (or rediscover!) your passion  Too often we forget what makes us happy. Really happy!  If going for a walk makes you happy. Do it! If going to visit a relative is great for your mood. Do it! If you haven’t gone to the mountains to see the brilliant sunshine in forever. You absolutely need to do it.  If your passion to fight the Winter Blues is playing the piano, why aren’t you doing it? Makes sense!

#10) Be real, be genuine, be fun!  This may be the most critical of all.  Stop being a glimmer of your true self. Be real! Fight the Winter Blues. Make your outside self match who you are on the inside. Be genuine! And, why not be fun? Be your true self and you will watch the Winter Blues melt away. Try it!!!

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Michael Boman, LCSW blogs often on issues related to families, couples, and singles.  Whether its addiction, marriage, Healing Outdoors, or health, he’s blogged about it.  Michael is the Clinical Director at England Counseling Services in Magna and Murray. He can be reached for comment at [email protected]