Valentines Day Hack! 9 fun ways to truly Connect!

 We all know that Valentines Day is for dating and romance! What about connection? Here are 9 sure ways to make it happen!

#1 — Plan Your Valentines Day!  Making a great day/night of Valentines Day should really just happen. Unfortunately, too many Utah couples just kind of go with the flow. This can make the evening seem ho-hum and certainly not romantic. Why not plan it? Do it. Enjoy it!

#2 — Surprise Her! On the other hand, why not plan your Valentines Day date and truly surprise her.  Take her out on the date that she will enjoy. One that she will remember. One that she believes you planned for her! This will totally ramp up the connection. Nice!

#3 — Men. Don’t Get Lost!  Unfortunately, too many men seem to get lost in the shuffle leading up to Valentines Day. They put off planning the date. Men put off buying the gifts. Put off truly knowing their wife or dating partner. And, please don’t be the guy that is buying a card near midnight on the 13th!  When the Valentines cards are well picked over. The chocolate selection very limited.  Please know that your wife knows. She knows. She knows your lack of planning.  Your apparent lack of true love and caring for her!

#4 — Reminisce about Valentines Day  When you’re out with your sweetheart, look back on Valentine Days gone by.  Talk about your past year. The joys of being together.  She’ll love you for it!

#5 — Valentines Day is not a one day thing!  Absolutely make a promise to each other to celebrate your relationship many times during the upcoming year.  Plan dates together in Magna. Plan to have fun. Plan to have romance. Plan to totally relish in your marriage.  And, take turns planning the date. This will not only add spice to your marriage. It will improve your connection hugely. Awesome!

#6 — Valentines Day is not about sex! Although you wouldn’t know it from the alluring and sex focused ads in the media! One would think that a gift for Valentines Day would have to include lingerie. Perfume. A very skimpy (and cold!) “nightgown”. Valentines Day isn’t about sex. It’s about romance. Its about connection. If that also includes lovemaking. And its all about the connection.  Very nice!

#7 — Make Valentines Day about connection   Couples need to connect emotionally. They need to connect spiritually. Couples need to connect passionately.  Connect, connect, connect!

#8 — Valentines Day is about celebration  I hope this totally makes sense.  Celebrate your love together. Celebrate your family. Celebrate your children. Or, plan to celebrate your future child(ren). Celebrate that you’ve made it another wonderful year. Oh and plan on doing so next Valentines Day…and the one after that.

#9 — Commit to a Valentines Day in March. And July!  I believe it would be absolutely wonderful for couples to set a date in March for another Valentines Day like celebration. Think of it. Couples actually celebrating their marriage or relationship. On days other than New Years Eve and Valentines Day. How would that be? To me, that would be amazingly great. To me, that would help marriages flourish. Marriages that actually connect. And, connect often.  Please plan it. Then do it! Your relationship is so worth it.

Here are some other helpful Valentines Day tips and couple resources:

Michael Boman, LCSW writes and blogs often on how to improve marriages. How to improve connection. How to ramp up your happiness. He can be reached for comment at [email protected] Wishing you a connective and Happy Valentines Day!