Top 10 Ways to Make the Holidays Sizzle!

Wanna make your Holidays rock…really rock this year?

Check out these 10 items that will keep the stress low and the pleasure Sizzling!

#1) Stay on budget! Plan a budget and stick with it.  No January credit card shockers wanted!

#2) Stay on task! Don’t go into a Holiday haze of shopping, shopping and more shopping…and wonder why you feel terrible. Boundaries people!

#3) Stay away from the fridge!  Don’t overeat and ultimately over stretch your favorite jeans or skirt over the Holidays.

#4) Stay healthy! Exercise on a regular basis. Eat healthy. Get adequate sleep. Do it…you’re worth it.

#5) Stay up all night!  Don’t do it.  Too many people stay up wrapping presents, planning the party, etc.  It’s not worth it!

#6) Stay away from the Doctor!  Many people end up getting sick during the Holidays because their immune system is blasted by no sleep, no exercise, and no boundaries.

#7) Stay marriage focused! Don’t overlook the most important person in your life this Holiday season. Yeah…I’m talking about your wife or husband.

#8) Stay spiritually aware! This isn’t about going to church…but it can be.  Christmas is supposed to be about Christ. Don’t forget the Christ child.

#9) Stay by the fire! Absolutely gather around the fireplace and have discussions about family, friends, neighbors, and the “true” meaning of Christmas

#10) Stay away from New Year’s resolutions! They don’t work. They don’t last. And they pull you down. Set goals not resolutions for the New Year.

Staying focused this Holiday season

These 10 items can go a long way to making the Holidays awesome and 2016 doable for you.  Stay focused Magna. Don’t overdo it Tooele. And most of all, don’t overeat Salt Lake City.  I’ve blogged on these key subjects before. Check out these great suggestions from 2014

Michael Boman, LCSW, wants you to have an awesome Holiday season this year. Should you be struggling with depression, worries, or the Holiday blues, he can help. Michael is our clinical director for the Magna and Murray offices. He can be reached by email at [email protected]