Three Marriage Musts From Your Family!

We often hear the importance of taking care our marriage, our spouse, or even our church responsibilities.  However, when was the last time you thought of taking care of your family…really, really taking care of your family? Been a while huh?  

It’s not just about paying the bills…or making sure the mortgage is covered each month. It’s about…these three awesome musts!

Must #1 From Your Family — Be There

News flash! Husbands, wives, kids, and their families are majorly overscheduled today in the Salt Lake City area. Whether its dad (and mom!) staying too late at the office, or extra curricular activities for the kids at school, families aren’t home much anymore.  How can families expect to be connected if they’re not home and regularly seeing each other? They can’t!

Must #2 — Be Present

News flash! Even when families are “together” technology can rob them of priceless family time.  Most parents and kids now have smart phones of their own, tablets, X-box, etc., to totally take each other out of the “connection” game.  Thus, to be present, families need to disconnect from technology and reconnect with those that really matter to them.  Who is that? Your spouse and kids of course! I’ve gotten on my soap box on this subject before.  Please check this blog out.

Must #3 — Be Proactive  

News flash! Once families are there and present…that’s only two-thirds of the battle.  The biggest challenge is being proactive for each other.  This means actually knowing what your wife, husband, son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter are doing today.  This takes time, effort, and understanding…but is totally worth it.  How does this work?  Check out these five examples:

#1) Attend your spouses ballgame, music performance or next speaking engagement in the community or local church

#2) Attend your son’s soccer game…even when it’s during a non-convenient time of the day for you at his High School

#3) Attend your daughter’s soccer game…even when it’s outside of the Salt Lake or Tooele valleys and at a non-convenient location to attend

#4) Attend your brother or sisters soccer game or dance recital even though you don’t like soccer and detest dance recitals

#5) While sitting down for dinner this evening, have each one your kids or siblings tell one thing that made their day remarkable.  It works!

To Do List — Start Family Improvement Today!

By Being There, Being Present and Being Proactive, amazing changes can begin in your family right away.  However,  you need to be absolutely consistent in your activity to have your success become a long-term thing.  Not sure how to make this happen?  Check out these awesome suggestions by Nichole Eck

It is incredibly important that both husband and wife buy into the fact that it takes absolute commitment to improve family connection and togetherness.  However, please know that anything worth doing well in this life comes with some risk.  Improvement = risk taking  But! not trying isn’t an option…it dooms your family to a life of mediocrity…or worse.  Please don’t settle for mediocrity.  Reach higher in your admirable goal of becoming the best family possible.  You are absolutely worth it!

Relationship and Marriage expert Michael Boman, LCSW, is the Clinical Director at England Counseling Services and LifeSTAR Oquirrh.   Our clinical staff is accepting new clients and would like to hear from you.  Please call us at (801) 250-2909 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your session appointment. 










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