Spring Clean Your Brain!

Spring cleaning your brain is much more important than Spring cleaning your home and yard.  In fact, if done well, it sets the stage for a much better rest of 2015.

For those brave enough to want to become healthy emotionally, spiritually and mentally, the tasks to complete in Magna and the Salt Lake City area are easier than you think.  You can also lower depression and improve your overall mood.  Awesome!

Five Keys to Spring Cleaning Your Brain

#1) Absolutely rid your mind of negative thoughts  It makes absolutely no sense to tell yourself that you can’t succeed and then expect success. Rid yourself of negativity!

2) Replace the negativity with positivity! Easier said than done. Many people have so engrained the Glass Is Half-Empty mentality that they expect failure.

3) Connect with your spiritual self   Whether your spirituality includes a church, religion, or simply a great hike…find it and on a consistent basis. Prayer and meditation can play a key role here!

4) Challenge yourself mentally on a regular basis! It doesn’t matter if your 4 or 84…learning something new will challenge you.  The old adage of “Use it Or Lose It” is absolutely true

5) Commit to getting out of the house regularly Sitting at home or being at home too much will totally bring you down. Get out and visit friends. Go to the store, the gym, the mall…just do it!

Other Ideas That Can Help Your Brain!

* Plant a Garden!

* Start an Exercise Program!

* Spring clean your yard!

* Read a great book…OUTSIDE!

* Spend more time with your spouse!

* Spend more time with your kids or grandkids

* Focus on a hobby that you’ve neglected for years

* Focus on improving your overall physical health…safely

* Stretch outside of your comfort zone!

The latter is the most difficult for people to accomplish.  Many people are content at just going day to day without a real purpose in that day…let alone minute to minute or hour to hour.  Here are some ideas that can help stretch you to become your best self.

#1) Look for opportunities to volunteer and then go do it!

2) Look for opportunities to assist others in your home or neighborhood

3) Look for speaking opportunities at the church of your choice or the community (that will really stretch you!)

4) Join in with Magna in Motion on Facebook and the Magna Melt.  Follow this link for information https://www.facebook.com/pages/Magna-In-Motion/712078578860958?fref=ts

5) Be more genuine in your relationships, particularly with your spouse or partner. That means truly connecting with him/her…and being honest.  Check this nice information out for ideas!http://englandcounseling.org/love-in-your-marriage/

Spring Cleaning Your Brain — Switch It Up!

The record mild winter we’ve just experienced in Salt Lake City may have left you with a sense of “winter shouldn’t have bothered me this year.” However, please know that the nights were still much longer and the occasional hazy skies mood challenging.  But! with the arrival of Daylight Savings many people experience an upturn in their mood, motivation and energy.  Absolutely take advantage of this improvement and switch it up! I’ve given you a myriad of ideas that will help you.  The key to success is taking one at a time in incorporating them into your daily life.  Here’s an example. Let’s say your challenge is getting out of the house on a regular basis. Let’s also say that you have a bit of social anxiety going on. I totally understand that this can be a challenge. First, contact a friend and go visit them.  Second, challenge this friend to go on a drive with you to Temple Square to see the Spring flowers. Lastly, repeat, repeat and repeat! Next time drive to Park City. Now, see how easy this can be. Just continue to do it and you will see awesome results.  I’ve blogged on this subject before and recommend that you check this out for additional helpful information. http://englandcounseling.org/2013-didnt-go-so-well-clean-it-up-in-2014/

Michael Boman, LCSW is a Relationship and Marriage expert. Michael writes, blogs and speaks on subjects related to families, marriage, addictions and self-care on a consistent basis.  Please feel free to contact him with comments, questions or ideas at [email protected]











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