Sexual Addiction! 6 Things You Need to Know

Sexual Addiction is a Big problem in Magna, Tooele, & Salt Lake City!

Here are 6 things You Need to Know!

#1) Sexual Addiction is Real  Gone are the days when people believed that you could only become addicted to items that you ingested into your body.  Alcohol and drugs are examples.  Sexual Addiction, gaming addiction, technology addiction, and gambling addiction are all seen as very real examples of addictions in today’s world.

#2) Sexual Addiction is Treatable Many people believe that sexual addictions are intractable and will never improve.  Although recovery from sexual addiction is difficult, the belief that improvement isn’t possible is simply outdated and wrong. Recovery from sexual addiction is possible and happens regularly.

#3) Sexual Addiction is Common! How common you ask? Depending on the research or statistics utilized, as many as 40-60 percent of men in metro Salt Lake City struggle with pornography or sexual addictions in some form or another. That’s allot of men and relationships that are being damaged. Whether he’s acting out daily, weekly, monthly, or even just every few months, that’s alarming!

#4) Sexual Addiction Starts Young  It is estimated that the age of first exposure for young men is now age 11 (anecdotal evidence would suggest much younger than that). In fact, I’ve spoken with adult men who were exposed before age 8. Awful! It shouldn’t be too surprising that we’re seeing more and more adolescent young men struggling with active sexual addictions. Unfortunately, young women are also being pulled into sexual addictions more commonly as well.

#5) Sexual Addiction Thrives in Secrecy! It has been my experience that men struggling with sexual addiction simply don’t want to talk about it.  Here are three reasons why:

First, sexual addicts believe that they can recover on their own.  Seriously! It is common to have men tell our therapists that they’ve tried thousands of times to stop.

Second, sexual addiction is seen as something to be ashamed of. Thus, sharing their secret with others seems overwhelming, even when shared with someone who would be very supportive and understanding.

Third, sexual addiction is often denied. Not only will the addict report that he can stop on his own, men often believe that “it’s not really that bad” or “I’m not really an addict.” This type of denial absolutely impedes progress and needs to be addressed in counseling.

#6) Sexual Addiction Counseling Works! Gone are the days where people believed that sexual addiction counseling isn’t necessary or wouldn’t work. There are excellent programs in the community that are designed to treat the addiction directly and supportively.  For more information, click here

Other helpful resources are:

Seeking Help! For Sexual Addiction in Magna, Tooele, and West Valley City!

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Michael Boman, LCSW is the Clinical Director at England Counseling Services and LifeSTAR Oquirrh. Located in Magna, Michael and his staff have many years experience in working with individuals and couples that struggle with sexual addiction.  Michael can be reached by calling (801) 250-2909 or email at [email protected]