Seeking Help! for Sexual Addiction in Salt Lake City — LifeSTAR!

Pornography and sexual addictions have become very common in Salt Lake City, West Valley City and Tooele.  Treating sexual addictions effectively can be difficult for the addict but, hopeful treatment approaches are readily available through LifeSTAR.  This information is provided by Max Ward, LCSW, therapist at England Counseling Services and LifeSTAR Oquirrh.

What is LifeSTAR and How Does the Program Help in Salt Lake City?

LifeSTAR is a mental health group therapy program for people who are suffering from the effects of sexual addiction (including pornography addiction).  It is designed for both addicts and their partners.  LifeSTAR was started and developed over the past 25 years by two therapists in Salt Lake City; Dan Gray and Todd Olson.  LifeSTAR is not an inpatient program.  It is outpatient, and it is estimated that roughly 80% of sexual addicts who fully complete the program lay a foundation that will allow them to stay in long-term recovery.

The program used to be called simply “STAR.”  This stands for Sexual Trauma & Addiction Recovery.  Later on it was changed to LifeSTAR, at least in part because the purpose of the program is to facilitate healing that will allow you to take your LIFE back.  Unresolved trauma contributes largely to addiction.  The LifeSTAR program is based on evidence-based therapy and trauma-informed care, not only the trauma in the addict’s past, but the huge trauma that the addict’s behavior has caused their partner, much of which has been kept secret.

Providing Help and Lasting Recovery  from Sexual Addictions in West Valley City — LifeSTAR!

LifeSTAR is an in-depth program.  Addiction does not happen overnight, and neither does recovery.  Recovery requires a serious commitment  and investment of both time and energy.  The LifeSTAR program consists of 3 phases, and a series of 9 workbooks that were developed and created by experienced therapists.  Phase 1 focuses on psycho-education regarding topics such as Boundaries, Family of Origin, Shame, and Attachment.  It is a 6-week / 18-hour course.  Addicts and partners attend this course together.  Phase 2 focuses on implementing a treatment plan.  It usually lasts 6-12 months, and this depends largely on how motivated and ready for change the group members are.  Phase 3 focuses on deep trauma work.  It is at least 6 months but is open-ended; it goes as long as the group members want it to last.  By phase 3 many group members have formed lasting friendships and are enjoying the group process to an extent that they do not want it to end.  However, if you begin you are under no obligation to do the entire program.  You can stop at any time that you desire.

LifeSTAR is important because behaviors are every bit as addictive as substances, and with the Internet being highly accessible, sexual addiction has reached an epidemic level.  It is estimated that about half of all adult males in the U.S. will struggle with compulsive pornography use at some point in their life, and the number of women is quickly rising.  If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of sexual addiction in Magna or Tooele, this program could well be the catalyst that will help get your life back on track.  You will be able to stop merely surviving and start thriving in life again.  Recovery from sexual addiction in the Salt Lake and Tooele areas is indeed entirely possible through the LifeSTAR program. Why wait another day?  Contact our helpful clinical staff today!

Max Ward, LCSW provides counseling to those struggling with pornography and sexual addictions.  For more information about the LifeSTAR program, please contact Max Ward by following this link.