Pornography Hack! 5 sure fire Ways to Beat the problem!

5 sure fire Ways to beat Pornography addiction

The Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP)  held their annual conference this past weekend in Salt Lake City.  It was well attended. It was their most successful conference yet!


Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the Keynote Speaker. The conference was held at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Elder Holland spoke powerfully on the ills of pornography. He also referenced it’s sinister sister, “…repulsive (human) trafficking.”  Elder Holland was quoted on stating that “Catholic bishops, Protestant ministers, Jewish rabbis and Muslim mullahs have all spoken out on this sin because God Himself has spoken out on it.” In other words, it’s a crisis that many religions and beliefs are screaming from the rooftops is threatening a generation.

Regarding it’s prevalence, Elder Holland was quoted in the stating that “It is reported that 89 percent of teens and 95 percent of young adults regularly have either ‘encouraging’ or ‘accepting’ conversations with their peers about pornography use.” That means that of those interviewed only 1 in 20 young adults and only 1 in 10 teens say they and their friends think viewing pornography is a bad thing.”  Talk about being a minuscule minority for a teen or young adult to push back against such astronomical numbers. Clearly, we have a lot of work to do to fight back against the onslaught of pornography.


Fortifying one’s home against the onslaught of pornography is one key. Seeking out routers with parental settings is excellent. Installing filtering software on desktops, laptops, and devices is wonderful. There are even programs that will run on smartphones now. For more information, check out the following (not a recommendation) for ideas:


The porn industry are masters of manipulation, lies, and advertising. Yes, advertising. Long gone are the days where a young man (or woman) had to seek out pornography. In fact, pornography will find you online. It will find us in social media. Sadly, porn finds us almost nightly in prime time television.  Due to this all out war on our mind, body, and souls, seeking out resources to combat this plague is critical. I’ve listed three below with links to their web sites. Each of these experts spoke at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference Saturday.  Check this out:

Geoff Steurer, LMFT: Geoff is founding director of LifeSTAR St. George.

Jeff Ford, LMFT: Jeff is the clinical director of LifeSTAR St. George.

Clay Olson, CEO: Clay is the co-founder of the very successful Fight The New Drug movement sweeping social media.

Other outstanding resources in Magna, West Valley, and Tooele include:

England Counseling Services: The LifeSTAR provider in the Magna area, and Tooele county. 

Excellent blog posts:


Long past are the days when parents could afford to not ask the right questions. Tough, searching, and loving questions. And more than once. Questions that can save a son or daughter from a life time of sexual addiction and misery.  Long gone are the days when parents can ignorantly state “my kid would never do that!” Long gone are the days when porn won’t find your child, your spouse, and you! Asking the right questions is important. Be interested. Be genuine. Be willing to reach out and just ask is perhaps the biggest key of all. Be vigilant. Be consistent. Be a parent! Be an aware spouse!


Reaching out to those who are stronger, more knowledgeable, and non-shaming is key. Ultimately, becoming vulnerable, teachable, and reachable is critical. Once again, quoting Jeffrey R. Holland. He said “Too many who struggle with an addiction won’t ask for help or acknowledge that they have a problem. But they need to ask for help from someone trustworthy. ”

It has been my experience that no one struggling with a pornography addiction can get out of this trap without some type of counseling intervention. The addiction is too deep, too strong, and too unforgiving to just “…never do it again.” Many a man has tried to stop on his own literally thousands of times. No, help needs to be carefully searched out. Don’t wait. Don’t wonder. Don’t make excuses.  If you’re struggling. And many, many are in Magna. In West Valley. In Tooele. Click here to confidentially contact one of our master’s level therapist’ trained in the intricacies of treating pornography addiction Don’t wait! Your recovery and future happiness await. Happiness without an active pornography addiction may very well depend on it.

Now what?

You actually have a choice to make. If you or someone you love is struggling with pornography on any level, reach out! Remember, addicts reach in. Reach in to more secrecy. More deceit. More misery. People in recovery reach out. Reach out to friends. Reach out to their Bishop, Priest, or Pastor. Reach out to a clinical addiction recovery program.  Now then, make the right choice. For you. For your family. For your marriage. For life!!!

Michael Boman, LCSW, speaks and blogs often about pornography and sexual addictions. He is the clinical director for LifeSTAR Oquirrh. He is accepting new clients. He would love the opportunity to speak with you about beginning the journey of recovery. Please don’t wait another day!