Sexual Addiction

Treating the complete range of challenges that accompany Sexual Addiction is Critical for long-term and sustained Recovery.  LifeSTAR Oquirrh and England Counseling Services clinical staff are here to Help You. Our seasoned, clinical staff have years of experience and specialized training to assist You.  Please read closely this information and then Contact Us Today! Don’t wait another minute to begin Healing from this devastating addiction.

Treating Sexually (Pornography) Addicted Men

Sexual Addiction is a very common malady in our society presently and its impacts are far reaching.  Whether you live in Magna, West Valley or Tooele, the men who struggle with sexual addiction typically fall into three categories:

1) Teen young men ages 13-19 *

2) Young men in their 20’s, usually in the dating scene

3) Men in the their 20’s, 30’s and above married or in relationships

* Young men under 13 are struggling at younger and younger ages, too.

Challenges in Treating Sexual Addiction Effectively

Each of these groups present  their own set of unique challenges.  We’ve written an informative blog post regarding these challenges and highly recommend that you read it today by following this link

For married men, his wife is typically devastated by his sexual addiction and finds the addiction abhorrent.  Feelings of being inadequate or “less than desirable” can flood her to the point of feeling overwhelmed, depressed…and hopeless. She may also blame herself feeling deeply that “if I was prettier, ‘sexier’, more attentive to his needs, or smarter” he wouldn’t have this addiction.  The fact is, he could be married to a beauty queen such as Miss Universe and he’d still have this addiction.  For more information, please read the following very helpful blog post now at

Regarding the addiction itself, we often hear from spouses or those who reach out to us at our offices in Magna/West Valley City about simply wanting to understand the addiction.  Women commonly don’t understand the addiction and may very well believe that he should just be able to stop the acting out behaviors by trying harder, focusing more on her needs, or, simply pulling himself up by the bootstraps and willing the addiction away.  This, too, isn’t helpful nor will it result in long term recovery.  We need to remember that all addictions are related to the addicted brain.  That is, sexual addictions quite literally hijack the higher level functioning areas of the brain.  For specific information on how this occurs please click on this link

What Treatment Options are Available?

You won’t be shocked to read that many, many people believe that sexual addiction is all too similar to other addictions.  Thus, you may have heard some or all of the following:

* Why don’t you just attend a 12-step program or AA? That should be sufficient to help you get over this addiction

* I know someone who got over his smoking problem by going “cold turkey.” Why don’t you just stop this addiction cold turkey, too?

* Can’t you just put a content filter on your computer to overcome this addiction? After all, if you can’t see it…you should be over it right!

While all of these examples seem plausible and possibly even doable, they likely will only damage the sexual addicted males chances of achieving long term recovery.  For more information on this critical concept, please read this awesome blog post today written by our staff

Effective treatment for sexually addicted men is critical if a man is to move forward in this life, marriage or long-term relationship.  Often times the man struggling with sexual addiction has had this addiction for much of his teen and/or adult life.  He’s tried literally hundreds, if not thousands of times to eradicate this horrible addiction from his life.  In fact, men often tell our therapists that they’ve told themselves “I will never do this again,” or, “this is my last time to ever act out,” following each episode of slipping and viewing pornography. Unfortunately, this only exacerbates the tendency for shaming or self-loathing feelings that drive addictions.  What can be done? Plenty! Please read this very informative information now about getting started in recovery

Many people also have questions about our services pertaining to treatment options, etc.  Please read our FAQ’s by clicking here

Moving forward in recovery from sexual addictions in Magna and West Valley City is very possible.  Why wait? Why continue to struggle with no hope to improve? Finding the right therapy location and a highly trained therapist with years of assisting sexually addicted men recover is critical. For more information about our services and to begin the journey to recovery, please contact us at [email protected] Why wait another day? Act now to save your marriage, family and relationships.