LifeSTAR — Treatment

Why LifeSTAR?

Some cases of pornography and sexual addiction are not completely overcome with traditional interventions such as individual counseling or 12-step support.  LifeSTAR offers these affected addicts and couples an option that is designed to deal with even he most resistant conditions.  Recovering addicts, partners, and couples see that both the length and the depth of the LifeStAR program will be there as long as is needed.

 At LifeSTAR Oquirrh

Couples will receive program support, as he addict or the partner.

LifeSTAR is the only program we know of that provides comprehensive treatment for both the addict and partner.  Our couples learn to fight the addiction together and heal together.  After all, as humans we’re stronger


Couples receive insightful, phased treatment.

As a recovering couple or addict, there are 3 real needs. 1) A hope for lasting recovery, 2) tools to understand and control behavior, and 3) an understanding of and healing from the causes of the addiction. At LifeSTAR, the Phase I program teaches individuals to hope and then to know that lasting recovery is possible.  Phase II teaches tools and methods to achieve sobriety.  Phase III helps affected individuals tune into the cause of the addiction.  It allows healing from trauma, freedom from toxic shame, and helps those recovering to achieve true and lasting freedom from the impact of the pornography and sexual addiction.

Both spouse and addict can experience healing, not just learn about it.

Recovery is a full mind/body/emotional experience.  It requires restoring trust and reconnecting to oneself and others.  Sometimes this cant be done by only sharing good information.  LifeSTAR is much more than the workbooks and handouts the program provides.  Participants aren’t just being taught what to do.  Instead, they have new experiences with themselves and others that help them get unstuck from unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  Healing requires real people having real face-to-face exchanges with each other in a safe and confidential setting.  We provide all of this at LifeSTAR.

We help combat ISOLATION.

Pornography and sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder that includes problems with honesty, isolation, and connection with others.  We offer human contact, in-group interaction between participants, and accountability in our programs.  Each of these critical o promoting full recovery.  Participants develop respect for and lasting relationships with each other that promote healing, and frequently last long after treatment has ended.    

You’ll have a treatment program that’s customized for you.

For a problem as complex and far-reaching as pornography and sexual addiction, a one size-fits-all approach to treatment doesn’t work.  In LifeSTAR participants receive a treatment plan informed and customized by a therapist that knows understands what they’re up against.