LifeSTAR Group Treatment

Individuals and couples dealing with the impact of pornography and other sexual acting-out behaviors often struggle to structure their recovery and healing process.  LifeSTAR is a nationally recognized three-phase treatment program designed to address the recovery needs of three unique groups:

1) The individual struggling with the addiction

2) The afflicted romantic partner, and,

3) The couple’s relationship. LifeSTAR’s comprehensive treatment approach ensures that these three distinct areas of recovery undergo a complete change process for lasting results.

 Phase I: The Getting Started workshop – $425 per person- 6 weekly Classes (18 hours)

 The first phase of the LifeSTAR program is a 6-week workshop for the individuals and couples facilitated by LifeSTAR Oquirrh licensed therapists.  This workshop provides participants with the education, structure, and direction they need in the beginning stages of recovery.  Using workbooks, videos, lectures, small group discussions, and other activities, participants complete a total of 18 hours learning how to build a strong foundation for ongoing recovery.  Phase 1 is a closed group setting and participants commit to confidentiality to help create a safe and comfortable recovery environment.

 Phase II: The recovery Group – $195 per month/per person- Weekly 90- minute group

 The second phase of the LifeSTAR program builds on the first phase by adding new workbooks and small group process designed to facilitate deeper recovery.  Men and women meet in separate weekly 90-minute groups for 6-12 months led by a master’s level therapist who specializes in treating pornography/sexual addiction.  The men’s group focuses on establishing sobriety from the acting out behaviors and creating a solid recovery lifestyle.  The women’s group helps partners cope with the betrayal, emotions, and trauma associated with being in a romantic relationship with someone struggling with addiction,  Both groups learn how to set boundaries, cope with emotions in a healthy way. And eliminate unhealthy thinking behavior patterns that keep them stuck.

 Phase III:  The Advanced Group – $195 per month/per person- Weekly 90-minute group

 The third phase of the LifeSTAR program is a weekly 90-minute group that meets for at least one year and is designed to help participants maintain their recovery momentum.  For the men, once the addiction has been contained and relapses are under control, the more delicate work of dealing with shame, attachment, trauma, family of origin, and other issues becomes the treatment focus.  For women, the advanced group offers ongoing support to assist them in understanding their own emotions, needs, and boundaries related to healing the impact of betrayal they’ve experienced in the relationship growth are emphasized for both groups.