Adolescent/Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling – Salt Lake City, Utah

Raising children is not for the faint of heart and raising teenagers is even harder. England Counseling provides help for both the parents and teens here in Magna Utah, close to Salt Lake City.

As children enter their teen years, family relationships that may have been close in the past may begin to become troubled.  Communicating to an adolescent is a lot harder than talking to a child.  Teens tend to not open up as much as children.  They may be guarded, easily irritated, highly emotional, and dramatic.  Where did this sudden surge of emotions come from and is it normal or something more?

In addition to surges in growth and physical development, the same is occurring with emotions and the brain. The brain continues to grow until the early to mid-twenties.  The area of the brain responsible for reason, problem-solving, decision making, and judgment is called the Prefrontal Cortex. It is located just behind the forehead.  This area of the brain is still growing which helps explain why teens often engage in risky behaviors without much thought for the consequences.  They are capable of thinking things through but with much less insight as compared to an adult.  This is a source of many conflicts for parents and adolescents.

Outwardly, adolescents are starting to look like adults and beginning to do adult things such as working, paying bills, or choosing a college.  Inwardly, they are still quite young and need as much if not more emotional support and guidance than as children.  How do we talk to them so they will listen?  How can parents get their teens to talk honestly about their lives?  When is a behavior “normal teenage behavior” and when is it not?

First, take a deep breath.  It will likely be okay.  Second, empower yourself as a parent.  Get as much education as you can to help raise your teen, just as you did when they were babies.  Go to a library, read up on the topic, talk to other parents, join support groups for parents, and be involved with their world.  Know who your adolescent’s friends are and who they are friends with online, if you choose to let them have a social media account.  Chances are they already have several social media accounts whether you allowed it or not.  Help them be as safe as possible online, at school, on their phones, and anywhere they are connected.  Be open when talking to them, while still setting clear limits and rules.  Children and adolescents NEED structure to be successful.  Though they tend to push against rules and structure, they absolutely need it.

If doing these things and keeping communication lines as open as possible are still is not working, ask for help.  We provide teen counseling in Salt Lake City, Utah area. It may be a good idea to find someone your teenager can talk to and learn some new skills from.  Mentors, counselors, and therapists are all good resources.  If you or your adolescent child need some help in any of these areas give us a call.  Our team of therapists are here to help.  If you have questions or concerns about your teen’s mental health, behaviors, or emotional well-being our supportive staff can be reached by email at [email protected] or phone at (801) 250-2909.