Food Addiction Help! 8 Success Keys

Have you ever asked yourself “do I have a problem with food?” Or even “could I have a food addiction?” It doesn’t matter whether you live in Magna or Salt Lake City, simply asking the question likely means that you Do have a problem with food and that you’ll find this blog post of great value.  

Many people explain their problem with gaming, pornography, social media, etc., as “its really not that bad…I could stop anytime I want!” As a therapist with 15 years experience in working with those that struggle with many aspects of their lives, I’ve observed that this isn’t always the case with problem eating. That is, many people know that they have a problem, they just don’t know what to do about it.  Or they’ve tried many times to become healthier and have just failed miserably in the attempt.

Ten Items that Indicate You have a Food Problem

#1) You (over)eat to escape stressful situations

2) You eat to avoid hurtful feelings

Food Addiction

3) You (over)eat following an argument

4) You eat before a difficult conversation

5) You (over)eat before going to bed

6) You find yourself eating to deal with emotional pain

7) You (over)eat to “numb-out” or escape overwhelming thoughts

8) You look for excuses, reasons or creative ideas just to eat

9) You believe you feel better emotionally or mentally following (over)eating

10) You find yourself  snacking, eating, or “grazing” for no discernible reason whatsoever

Did you find yourself selecting one, five or all ten of the items listed above? Did you feel some discomfort as you were hit by the gut-wrenching feeling of “Dang! That’s me for sure” or “wow, how did he know that is me?” If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people are struggling with food addiction presently and most aren’t sure how to change it.  Now don’t take me wrong on this.  Many have tried but few are very successful.  Problem eating or food addiction is difficult to manage. Whether it’s your New Year’s Resolution for 2015, the newest diet, or…the latest faddish exercise program, simply wishing to eat healthier or exercise will not cut it.

What Does Work — Healthy Eating

To be effective, changing anything in our lives particularly something as immensely pleasurable and satisfying (addictive?) as problem eating requires at least these five key items:

#1) You absolutely need to change your eating habits

2) You must change your belief system about food and eating

3) You must have alternative strategies when triggered to (over)eat

4) You need to learn to manage your underlying negative beliefs about you

5) You need to truly commit to improving your overall lifestyle and live healthily

Many people simply want to take the quick-fix approach to healthy eating. This isn’t surprising as we live in a get it now society.  When we shop online, it’s “point and click” and the new game is at our doorstep tomorrow. We don’t go to restaurants as much anymore.  Rather, we go out for “fast-food.” Texting, email and messaging make our connections seem instantaneous.  Is it surprising then in this hedonistic and “self” focused society that many expect that eating healthy, weight loss, or healthy living are also a quick fix? Not at all! That is why I’m not surprised when most people want to lose weight or become very healthy essentially overnight. If we consider that it took 5, 10, 15 or 20+ years to become unhealthy, why should we expect huge progress by tomorrow?  That is where many people become discouraged.  Living in a quick result society, working out today should show up in the mirror or on the scale tomorrow.  As almost all discover, this simply isn’t so.  I’ve blogged on these key concepts previously and recommend that you follow this link for more information.

What Works Magna — Healthy Living! For those who are ready to move forward in their lives, the following three items are key:

Food Addiction

#1) Set reasonable expectations as you change your unhealthy eating history to a healthy eating present and future.

2) Set reachable and reasonable goals for your exercise program (seek help from fitness experts).

3) Consider stretching yourself to meet new people that share your desire to want to improve their lives.

Recognize that healthy people (physically and otherwise) surround themselves with healthy people.  Unfortunately, unhealthy people typically seek out other unhealthy people. The old adage of Misery Loves Company may be very true here.

Please also stop comparing with other people. You’re unique and your improvement will be unique as well.  Too many women want to look like the Hollywood star, or ugh, a Victoria’s Secret model.  Too many men are trying to achieve the physical prowess of Chris Hemsworth or Matt Damon. Guys…it isn’t going to happen. Simply begin working on becoming, gradually, the best you that you can become.  That, my friend, will simply be amazing!

Lastly, perhaps your problem eating has actually progressed to the level of food addiction. Here is some advice from  “Perhaps you’ve been dealing with food addiction for many years. You may have had times when you lost weight only to put the weight back on plus more…life doesn’t have to be this way. There is hope! Treating food addiction can unlock the areas that keep you blocked from a healthy lifestyle. Consider this quote by Eckhart Tolle who shared this important truth; ‘if you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.’ ”

Relationship and Marriage expert, Michael Boman, LCSW believes that becoming the best you is entirely within your grasp.  He welcomes your comments at .

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Nov 13th