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New Years Hack! Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever!

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Want To Make 2016 Rock? Toss out the resolutions.  Set Goals instead! I find it totally mind boggling that each year we set New Years Resolutions. We do so with enthusiasm and zest believing that this will actually result in success.  We vow to do better than last year, or even the year before that. We promise [&hellip

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Communication hack. Three Keys to Celestial Communication!

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Many families struggle with how to discuss hot button topics.  Here’s 3 key communication tips that really work! Remember the old adage of “fake it until you make it?” Me too! While it may work in Sports, this advice is the worst you can receive when it comes to communication.  Here’s the real truth about communication, including how to [&hellip

5 Quick Tips About England Counseling new Murray office!

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After 15 years serving the counseling needs of the Magna area community, England Counseling has opened an office in Murray England Counseling Services Murray Office Located at 166 East 5900 South, Suite B-108, the Murray office of England Counseling will serve the needs of clients not only in the Murray area, but throughout the eastern Salt Lake [&hellip

Therapist Speakers Help Local Families!

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Our Therapists Speak often in the Magna area.  Check this out! During the past several weeks Michael Boman, LCSW and Andrea Egbert LCSW have spoken often in our great Magna community.  Here are the highlights: * Cyprus High School: Both Andrea and Michael spoke to the Life Management and Adult Roles Classes at Cyprus High School.  [&hellip

Is Depression Sucking the Life Out of your Teen?

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We often talk about depression in adults.  But what about teenagers?  Can they get depressed, too?  Unfortunately, they can! How Common is Teen Depression? Researchers estimate that between 11-20% of teenagers experience clinical depression.  Teenagers in the Salt Lake City area aren’t exempt from depression! Teens experience depression slightly differently than adults.  They tend to express [&hellip

Three Marriage Musts From Your Family!

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We often hear the importance of taking care our marriage, our spouse, or even our church responsibilities.  However, when was the last time you thought of taking care of your family…really, really taking care of your family? Been a while huh?   It’s not just about paying the bills…or making sure the mortgage is covered each month. It’s about…these [&hellip

Jennifer Lawrence and Pornography

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Jennifer Lawrence is a wonderfully talented actress. If you absolutely loved her in the Hunger Games movies…most recently in “Mocking Jay,” this blog post is for You! Why Salt Lake City Adores Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence is beloved in Magna, West Valley City, and Utah, because of the characters she plays in her movies.  She plays [&hellip

Seeking Help! for Depression in Magna

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Seeking help for depression in Magna, West Valley and Tooele is very important to one’s well being and overall ability to live a vital and connected life.  In fact, depression can often worsen during the late Fall and Winter months due to the longer nights and shortened days.  Have you noticed your mood shifting?  If [&hellip

NFL Athletes Abusing Women

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NFL players and other professional athletes have recently been called to task over violence in their relationships.  Violence directed at women isn’t new nor is it limited to professional sports. It can be found in all walks of life and in relationships throughout the United States…including marriage and dating relationships in Salt Lake City, Utah. [&hellip

Sex Sells All Salt Lake City!

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Sex really does sell in Salt Lake and Tooele.  Just watch a prime-time television series or two and you’ll see blatant sexuality that wouldn’t have even aired just 10 years ago.  Better yet, watch just one series of commercials airing during prime-time.  Whether it’s Carls Jr, Victorias Secret (nothing “secret” here!), etc., arguing that sex [&hellip