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Valentines Day Hack! 9 fun ways to truly Connect!

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 We all know that Valentines Day is for dating and romance! What about connection? Here are 9 sure ways to make it happen! #1 — Plan Your Valentines Day!  Making a great day/night of Valentines Day should really just happen. Unfortunately, too many Utah couples just kind of go with the flow. This can make the evening [&hellip

5 Fights that Are Normal For Couples in Marriage!

Not Fighting in your Marriage? You better start fighting…to be Normal! Couples fight about a number of things. That’s normal.  The unhealthy part in fighting is when it goes on indefinitely without resolution.  When this occurs, then it’s likely abnormal and damaging. These issues need to be worked on, likely through counseling. Let me be clear that [&hellip

The Ultimate Marriage hack! 25 ways to increase Intimacy today

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Want to wow your spouse, increase intimacy, and do it on a budget? Check out these great investment ideas that really work…and you won’t have to look cheap either! 1) Go for a hike in the amazing Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains…or for a walk along the beach 2) Invest in your relationship by walking around the block [&hellip

3 tips to avoid Social Media cheating (and you should too!)

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What cost does Social Media inflict on Marriages in Magna, Salt Lake City and Tooele? My experience has been that social media absolutely impacts marriages, period. It also ramps up sexual addictions, acting out, etc. Whether its Facebook and immodesty/suggestive content or Pinterest with similar junk, it can totally trigger men to act out. Apps [&hellip

3 Quick Tips About Why Sex is Painful For Husbands

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Men won’t tell you this. In fact, they will blush before breaking the silence. Sex truly is painful for many husbands in marriage. You bet! Happens often in marriage…even in Magna, Tooele, Salt Lake City. Read on for details of these painful sexual positions. When a husband detects that his wife is feeling that sex is [&hellip