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Want More Success in Therapy? Do it by Healing Outdoors!!!

Mental Health “talk” therapy is often the preferred approach for treatment of depression, anxiety, even PTSD.  Finding the right therapist is important in this process. However, could Healing Outdoors provide a boost in your quest to improve your life? Why not consider moving forward by Healing Outdoors! As a backcountry man for many years, I’m always looking for the [&hellip

New Years Hack! Making 2016 Your Best Year Ever!

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Want To Make 2016 Rock? Toss out the resolutions.  Set Goals instead! I find it totally mind boggling that each year we set New Years Resolutions. We do so with enthusiasm and zest believing that this will actually result in success.  We vow to do better than last year, or even the year before that. We promise [&hellip

2016 Big Cottonwood Calendar is Ready for Your Wall!

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As an avid hiker and backpacker, it was really just a matter of time before I created a calendar to showcase the Wasatch Mountains awesome beauty As Richard Elliot of the Magna Times indicated recently, I’ve been hiking often in Big Cottonwood Canyon for about 8 years.  The time of year really doesn’t matter as I hike [&hellip

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on becoming emotionally healthy

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Becoming Emotionally Healthy Takes Work.  Here’s how it’s done! To be well rounded, we need to be healthy in five critical areas.  It doesn’t matter whether you live in Magna, West Valley, or Salt Lake City. Check this out for great insight. Mental: This focuses on how you’re doing mentalhealth wise.  Are you managing as best possible [&hellip

Healing Outdoors — Slam Your Emotions!

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Dealing with our emotions is tough.  Keeping an emotional balance can be even tougher.  Here are 5 keys to maintaining an emotional balance. Get Out of Dodge Emotional health has much more to do with “when to say when” than it does on taking an expensive cruise or even a weekend vacation…although I’m a fan of both cruises and weekend vacations.  For those [&hellip

Healing Outdoors — Slam Your Anxiety!

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Can Healing Outdoors truly Reduce your Anxiety & Stress levels? Absolutely! Try these four amazing exercise and self-care options for a great mood boost and a lessening of your anxiety. Try it out, it works! Many people live stressful lives and can do much better on self-care. Implement one (or all!) of the following 4 items and watch your [&hellip

Healing Outdoors — Slam Your Depression!

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Can being in the Outdoors truly Heal? Yes it can! Try these five awesome exercise and self-care options for a great mood boost and a lessening of your depression.  Try it, it works! Yard and Garden “Therapy” The best thing we can do to deal with our depression is to Get Really Dirty…in the Garden! Research now shows [&hellip

Spring Clean Your Brain!

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Spring cleaning your brain is much more important than Spring cleaning your home and yard.  In fact, if done well, it sets the stage for a much better rest of 2015. For those brave enough to want to become healthy emotionally, spiritually and mentally, the tasks to complete in Magna and the Salt Lake City area are [&hellip

Why We Love food addiction help! 8 success tips (And You Should, Too!)

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Have you ever asked yourself “do I have a problem with food?” Or even “could I have a food addiction?” It doesn’t matter whether you live in Magna or Salt Lake City, simply asking the question likely means that you Do have a problem with food and that you’ll find this blog post of great value.   [&hellip

Healing Outdoors — Exercise!

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Perhaps you’ve wondered whether running, hiking or exercise is for you?  Perhaps you’ve even wondered if people who seem to swear by their exercise program are lacking a bit upstairs? They’re a bit crazy or even addicted to the habit of taking care of themselves through exercise. If so, you will find this outdoor adventure blog very insightful [&hellip