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Want More Success in Therapy? Do it by Healing Outdoors!!!

Mental Health “talk” therapy is often the preferred approach for treatment of depression, anxiety, even PTSD.  Finding the right therapist is important in this process. However, could Healing Outdoors provide a boost in your quest to improve your life? Why not consider moving forward by Healing Outdoors! As a backcountry man for many years, I’m always looking for the [&hellip

Sexual Addiction! 6 Things You Need to Know

Sexual Addiction is a Big problem in Magna, Tooele, & Salt Lake City! Here are 6 things You Need to Know! #1) Sexual Addiction is Real  Gone are the days when people believed that you could only become addicted to items that you ingested into your body.  Alcohol and drugs are examples.  Sexual Addiction, gaming addiction, technology addiction, and [&hellip

5 Fights that Are Normal For Couples in Marriage!

Not Fighting in your Marriage? You better start fighting…to be Normal! Couples fight about a number of things. That’s normal.  The unhealthy part in fighting is when it goes on indefinitely without resolution.  When this occurs, then it’s likely abnormal and damaging. These issues need to be worked on, likely through counseling. Let me be clear that [&hellip

5 Ways Sex Is Painful For Wives

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Marital sex is often painful for Wives! Husbands in Salt Lake City are often unaware of their role in creating painful sex.  Wives often won’t tell their husbands about their deep discomfort.  However, there are 5 ways that sex is often a pain for her. #1) Obligatory sex.  Having sex as an obligation in marriage is about as romantic for a woman as discussing the symphony is for many men.  When [&hellip

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Ashley Madison Marriages

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Baffled by all the fuss over the Ashley Madison hack? So am I! Ashley Madison — Affairs Made Easy I’m a bit baffled over the Ashley Madison hack for one main reason.  Shockingly it’s taken the Ashley Madison exposure of infidelity to wake many up to the fact that marriages are struggling.  Simply stated, you don’t have an [&hellip

Sexual Addiction Therapy — LifeSTAR

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Recovery from Sexual Addiction is very possible when effective treatment options are utilized Several of our clinical staff and staff interns from LifeSTAR Oquirrh and England Counseling attended LifeSTAR’s 3-Day Professional Training here in Salt Lake City last week.  Colleagues from dozens of affiliate locations from all over the United States and parts of Canada attended.  The purpose of [&hellip

Is Sexual Addiction Real or Just a Fantasy?

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Can one really become addicted to sex, food, or gaming? It seems like everything in Salt Lake City nowadays has become an ‘addiction.’ It is no just drugs and alcohol anymore. Everything from food to sex to spending money on video games is being termed an addiction.  When did it become an addiction if I really [&hellip

Seeking Help! for Sexual Addiction in Salt Lake City — LifeSTAR!

Pornography and sexual addictions have become very common in Salt Lake City, West Valley City and Tooele.  Treating sexual addictions effectively can be difficult for the addict but, hopeful treatment approaches are readily available through LifeSTAR.  This information is provided by Max Ward, LCSW, therapist at England Counseling Services and LifeSTAR Oquirrh. What is LifeSTAR [&hellip

Seek Help! Sexual Addiction Counseling in Salt Lake

Seeking help for Pornography and Sexual addictions through counseling in Salt Lake City, West Valley City and Tooele is critical to an addicts recovery. We have the specialized training and resources to support successful recovery. When a spouse learns that her husband  has a sexual addiction she is emotionally overwhelmed. Her reactions can include being [&hellip

Find Help! Pornography Addiction Counseling – Salt Lake City

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Finding help for pornography addiction is critical if a man is to move forward in recovery. Counseling is a critical piece of this often mesmerizing puzzle that seems overwhelming to both husbands and wives. As a relationship and marriage expert with 14+ years  experience,  I’ve seen a dramatic and steady increase in men (both young [&hellip