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Want More Success in Therapy? Do it by Healing Outdoors!!!

Mental Health “talk” therapy is often the preferred approach for treatment of depression, anxiety, even PTSD.  Finding the right therapist is important in this process. However, could Healing Outdoors provide a boost in your quest to improve your life? Why not consider moving forward by Healing Outdoors! As a backcountry man for many years, I’m always looking for the [&hellip

Sexual Addiction! 6 Things You Need to Know

Sexual Addiction is a Big problem in Magna, Tooele, & Salt Lake City! Here are 6 things You Need to Know! #1) Sexual Addiction is Real  Gone are the days when people believed that you could only become addicted to items that you ingested into your body.  Alcohol and drugs are examples.  Sexual Addiction, gaming addiction, technology addiction, and [&hellip

Top 10 Ways to Make the Holidays Sizzle!

Wanna make your Holidays rock…really rock this year? Check out these 10 items that will keep the stress low and the pleasure Sizzling! #1) Stay on budget! Plan a budget and stick with it.  No January credit card shockers wanted! #2) Stay on task! Don’t go into a Holiday haze of shopping, shopping and more shopping…and wonder why [&hellip

Spring Clean Your Brain!

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Spring cleaning your brain is much more important than Spring cleaning your home and yard.  In fact, if done well, it sets the stage for a much better rest of 2015. For those brave enough to want to become healthy emotionally, spiritually and mentally, the tasks to complete in Magna and the Salt Lake City area are [&hellip

Why We Love food addiction help! 8 success tips (And You Should, Too!)

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Have you ever asked yourself “do I have a problem with food?” Or even “could I have a food addiction?” It doesn’t matter whether you live in Magna or Salt Lake City, simply asking the question likely means that you Do have a problem with food and that you’ll find this blog post of great value.   [&hellip