2016 Big Cottonwood Calendar is Ready for Your Wall!

As an avid hiker and backpacker, it was really just a matter of time before I created a calendar to showcase the Wasatch Mountains awesome beauty

As Richard Elliot of the Magna Times indicated recently, I’ve been hiking often in Big Cottonwood Canyon for about 8 years.  The time of year really doesn’t matter as I hike during the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. In fact, I’ve hiked so consistently that I now know where the best snow pictures are in December, the best wildflower pics in July, and the most stunning Autumn color pictures are in October.  After all, as you may believe as well, My Favorite Color is October.  Please read Mr. Elliot’s article here http://magnatimes.com/magna-man-publishes-outdoor-calendar-p1813-119.htm

Hiking has many benefits including better health, better mental health, ramped up immune system, and incredible scenery.  I’ve blogged on this before stating that “getting back to nature to Heal Outdoors is number one on my personal best list.  Whether it’s the amazing beauty or the wildlife that I often see, hiking for anxiety reduction is wonderful.”  Please check out the entire blog at http://englandcounseling.org/healing-outdoors-slam-your-anxiety/.

Truthfully, that is exactly why I’ve put together a picturesque calendar with some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Whether its a picture of acres of untracked snow in January, fields of wildflowers in June, or a stunning December sunset, it’s all here in the Big Cottonwood Splendor calendar.  I’ve included a couple of pictures from my calendar to whet your visual pallet.

Ordering the calendar is as easy as sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Order Calendar.”  You will receive an email response back detailing options on how to pay the $19.99 (plus $5 shipping/handling) and provide your mailing address to receive the calendar.

The 2016 Big Cottonwood Splendor Calendar

Having this beautiful calendar on your wall will help remind you of the benefits of hiking stated just a moment ago.  We’d love to get this calendar to you so you can enjoy it throughout 2016. Please follow the directions enumerated previously and I will see that you receive it promptly.  Please have a wonderful Holiday season with your family, including a totally successful 2016!

Michael Boman, LCSW, is a huge advocate of self-care and health. He blogs and speaks often on these key subjects. Why not make 2016 a healthier year for you? Your happiness may depend on it!