10 Quick Tips About Healthy Living For the New Year!

Living Healthy in 2016 is absolutely within your grasp!

These 10 items will help you make it happen Magna, West Valley, Tooele, and Salt Lake City!

1) Adequate Sleep! There is so much written on this subject that its overwhelming. My favorite that I’ve read during the past year is to decide when you need to get up and then count backwards 7.5 hours. Simple! And it works!

2) Healthy Eating! Eating perfectly healthy is probably impossible. I suggest to my clients that they consider the 80-20 rule. If you’re eating healthy 80 percent of the time then slipping a bit on the remaining 20 percent is probably not going to hurt you too badly.

3) Exercise! This one sounds so boring. Or it can sound boring. Find your brand of exercise. If you hate running, don’t run (I’m a former runner!). If walking bores you…take up hiking. The secret is finding what you like and then being fiercely loyal to it. Don’t like to wake up at the crack of dawn to exercise? Hit the gym, the road, or the trail in the evening. It works!

4) Spirituality! Connecting with God or your belief in a Higher Power can be extremely helpful. Prayer works for many. Meditation for others. Still others gain from going for a walk at night and looking up at the stars. Why not gain from all three!

5) Backcountry exercise! There is significant evidence that hiking will boost your mood. It also boosts your immune system and lowers stress when done consistently. Need I say more? Other than you’ll see deer, elk, moose…and an occasional cougar or bear track. Nice!

6) Technology Cleansing! Research would suggest that we look at our smart phones 150 times per day…on average. Ugh! That certainly can’t be de-stressing or relaxing. Turn off the tech and turn on to you! Btw, some major companies such as Google are asking their employees to take tech down time and often. No kidding!

7) Stress Management! I’ve always found “stress management” to be an oxymoron. If you’re stressed…you’re not managing it. Do some PM here. Think calmer thoughts. Get rid of drama. Surround yourself with healthy people. Get it!

8) Simply Your Life! Many people seem to love to have a life that’s like a 24 ounce steak served on a 16 ounce sized plate. Cut back! Don’t overschedule. Learn to say “no” when needed and do so with enthusiasm. When a 2 year old tells you no, you don’t have to wonder where she’s at. Borrow some of that enthusiasm and take back your life!

9) Say When! Know “when to say when!” Overwhelming yourself and then wondering why you feel emotionally blasted makes no sense. If you’re having a tough day, recognize that by default tomorrow will be better. It can’t be worse than your worst day. Make tomorrow better by saying “when”…today!

10) Balance! Above all, live a balanced life. Balance work with recreation, family, and fun. Make sure that you’re giving yourself, and your family, and friends (in that order!) appropriate attention. If you don’t take care of you, you’ll definitely struggle elsewhere. Here’s 10 additional ideas! http://www.englandcounseling.org/top-10-ways-to-make-the-holidays-sizzle/

Seeking Help! Where to Start to be Healthy!

Living a healthier life style begins today Magna. It’s all about planning Tooele. Just get off the couch Salt Lake City.  It really is that easy. There are amazing organizations in the local community that are doing a great job with helping us get fit.  Don’t believe me? Check out Magna In Motion for a great way to make your 2016 be consistently healthy http://www.magnautah.org/healthy-magna/. Oh and make sure that you do so gradually. Of the 10 items above, pick three or four out to begin with right away.  If technology is taking you out of your best game, choose it as one of your key items to work on.  If you’re feeling overly stressed, go with item #7 above. If getting adequate sleep is your nemesis, set a health goal of ramping up your sleep success.  The key is to just try something! Begin today. You’re so worth it! Make 2016 your best year yet…and be fiercely loyal to that commitment. It works!!!

Michael Boman, LCSW, is an expert in relationship and marriage enhancement.  He’s also a huge supporter of living a healthy lifestyle to ramp up your happiness, energy, and success. He believes Healing Outdoors is cool too and hikes and backpacks regularly. Michael can be reached for comment at [email protected] Happy New Year!!!